• Correlation

    Bachelor project. After my semester in Norwegian town Rauland, trough Erasmus+, I decided for combination of glass and metal. There I attended studio Metal led by Arne Magnus Johnsrød. I was working with metal, mainly with copper and brass sheets, later also with silver. My interest was captured by its malleability, easy manageability and the difference between working with soft metal and hard, fragile glass. These are two very different materials, whether by transparency, processing, weight or properties. Just these were the contrasts and similarities that I wanted to use. Even my inspiration came from my stay abroad, I was enchanted by Norway, mostly by its wild and unbridled nature. Telemark University College is situated near the lake Totak. Its size and strength make a very strong impression, when you stand on the shore watching regular waves that break on the rocks or the mountains reflecting on a calm surface. Even the nature itself can surprise you, when it floods the coast after rain and you can´t go where you planned to. During my walks around the lake, I realized how the real feeling differs from photographs and my expectations. This movement of reality I wanted to catch in my project. That is why I decided to use difference in materials to create a kinetic object. Light breeze or strong wind is an important element, stirring surface of water in lake and also my kinet. The result of my bachelor project is an object consisting of glass pyramid, reminding the stability and strength. Pyramid is limited by space of hammered copper circle, symbolizing the water. Just a light touch or blow and copper element starts to move, but only as far as the solid glass shape allows. With my work I wanted to capture my feeling of water that never truly stops.