Participant in Bergen Lights 2022
Visningssted: USF Verftet, i bukten



Underwater glass objects are arranged from several glass elements, thus creating artificial coral reefs in the dock. By combining different techniques I am achieving a variety of forms and structures. Objects are scaled up in comparison with natural forms, to attract attention. These glass coral forms took over the dock for a short period of time, until they disappear again. I transformed my interest in marine life and natural constructions into modelling corals with VR modelling software. I am playing with the idea of setting alien looking installations into water, which nonetheless will remind observers of natural maritime life. These coral structures are abstractions of natural forms, temporary reminders of lifeforms from the sea.
Glass used is transparent and sandblasted. This frosted surface is an interpretation of bleached corals during the day, but at night, with help of underwater LED lights, they come to life through play of colored lights. These contrasts are aiming to highlight human effects on nature and climatic changes. Living only at night, and bleached during the day.




October 6, 2022