Movement and variances

Movement and variances

Movement and variances

My Master Project focused research on the fluidity of glass and water by analyzing its properties, movement and kinetics. Glass, through its transparency, formability and optical properties is similar to water and at the same time significantly different. I draw my inspiration from my experience during my stay in Norway, its extensive lakes and fjords, rainy days in Bergen and walks by the coast. The main aim of the work was capturing water movement. I depicted vertical movement using color running through glass sheet. Using technique Pâte de verre I have created objects that are able to soak water through glass frit. Just as life is putting problems in our way, I have put obstacles in the form of simple lines against flow of color. It resulted in contrast between color and clear glass, but also different saturation due to color diffusion. The second principle of spreading of the water is horizontal movement. Using variety of casting techniques I have created glass waves. Hot casted glass emphases even more stopped movement of glass. This glass installation is straight on one side, from where glass is leaking out. I captured the fluidity of the water through the flow of glass. All these works were created at S12 Open Access Studio and Gallery in Bergen, Norway, during my internship.




Pate de verre, enamel glass colors


October 15, 2020